Purchase a shake that matches those on your roof online or at your local hardware store. Measure the width of the space where the old shake sat, and use a utility knife or fine-toothed saw to trim the new shake so it’ll fit into the gap.. To repair a leaking roof with curled shingles.shingle roof, although it can be a little more difficult. Use the same type of shakes or shingles to replace the damaged ones. If a ridge shingle is damaged, use a new specially cut ridge shingle instead of trying to make do with regular shingles. To repair a wooden shake roof: Step 1: Use hammer.Different roofing materials have different life spans. It is the responsibility of the property owner to properly care for and maintain his roof. The damage caused by a leaking roof is covered under.HomeAdvisor’s Shake Roof Cost Guide gives average prices of cedar, wood, and composite shake shingles per square. Get costs to replace, and the life expectancy of shakes vs. asphalt shingles, and others.Interested in a Wood Shake Roof in Burnsville, MN? Call 952-222-4004 for Wood Shake Roof Installation and Repair Services By Reputable.Not every roofer can install cedar shingles. In fact, only a small percent can be trusted. We are Chicagoland.At Right Way Roofing Inc. we provide shake roof repair, replacement, and installation in Mesa, AZ and the entire phoenix valley. Shake is a great material for roofing in the Valley of the Sun. Cedar Shake has always been considered a premium material for most finer homes.In this guide, we present a side-by-side comparison of cedar shingles and shakes vs. asphalt roofing, with focus on on material composition, installation costs, plus pros and cons and ROI of each option. Let’s get started! The Difference Between Wood Shingles & Shakes. When used in roof covering, wood can be either shakes or shingles.Most people in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii choose Cedar Shake because of it's. Request for info on Repairs: Re-Roof, Currently Leaking, roof type: asphalt, Tile ,Are the gutters in good repair? Are there noticeably loose or missing shingles. Read here: Advantages To Having Cedar Shake Roofing When compared to other home upgrades or improvement, a cedar roof.